Ian Meares (b.1977) holds an MFA in Critical and Curatorial Studies with an Emphasis in Critical Theory from the University of California Irvine, an MFA in Studio Practice from Pennsylvania State University and a BA from Eckerd College in Florida. He has served as a Visiting Assistant Professor at The Ohio State University and Indiana University – Bloomington. With a diverse practice as an artist, curator and theorist, he has participated in numerous exhibitions, lectures, artist residences and projects staged in the United States and Europe. His research interests reside in the various ways our plastic conceptions temper and permeate our politics, economics, and aesthetics. He currently serves as an Artist in Residence, and Instructor at the University of Arkansas.

Ian’s artwork stems from the idiomatic disciplines of ceramics, sculpture and critical theory. The work is generated by, his observations of day-to-day poetics and an active engagement of philosophy, cultural theory, and critical texts/discourses.  Each series of work originates in the horizontal intersections of experimentation and histories residues. Coupled with his examination of materiality and process the work gains its palpability and character and is set upon the slowly moving landscapes of form and content, where value and meaning are emergent.


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